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Rachel Crawford is a well-known and respected Medium, Psychic, Reiki Master, Teacher and Healer helping clients that seek peace of mind, clarity and direction, she helps those in need of support to make sense of their lives and find their true journey.

A naturally kind, caring and empathetic person, Rachael has a profound understanding of her clients’ vibrational energy and is able to connect on a deeper level to help them in ways they need most.

A Message From Rachael

“From a very early age, I had the ability to see, hear and feel spiritual energy. As I became older, I was shocked as I slowly realised not everyone experienced these things.


For as long as I can remember, I have always known when things were going to happen. Without being told, I could feel people’s pain, their feelings, their intentions, just by being in the same room as them.

It was in my mid-twenties that I was reconnected with the spirit world and I realised that what I had was truly a gift, something I could use to really help people. While meeting a woman whose father had passed away, her father’s spirit came through me to reassure her that, although she could no longer physically see him, he was still very much present, always around her, and was happy and content. Being able to pass on this information gave the woman so much peace and relief, I knew then just how much my abilities could ease someone’s pain.

Opening my salons and spa businesses, getting married and becoming a stepmother, my life became an extremely busy and successful, happy life for many years. Providing healing to my clients, passing on messages as a medium whilst colouring their hair, I would drive my staff, husband and family mad with my knowledge of unexpected pregnancies and mischievousness before they knew themselves.

In 2009, my life was changed forever when my gorgeous husband died very suddenly. This was a terrible time in my life, and one I do not think I would have survived without the love and support of my friends and my family, and my ability to communicate with my husband’s spirit. My strong connection with his spirit gave me such wonderful proof of life after death that I finally realised what I had been placed on this earth to do: To help people.

Now, after expanding my knowledge of spiritual healing through Reiki and meditation, I combine my psychic insight from clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and mediumship with Reiki healing to provide clients with ‘Light Readings’, helping them to heal after loss, cope with pain, and find direction when they are lost.”


Rachael can provide medium and psychic readings for clients through many different platforms to suit the needs of her clients, whether this be via the telephone, Skype, or private consultations.

Rachael can also provide remote Reiki healing treatments to clients anywhere in the world. As a qualified Reiki Master, Rachael teaches Usui Reiki to master/teacher level both in person and remotely via Skype, giving others the tools they need for their own spiritual healing.

Rachael offers mentoring and guidance in many different areas to her clients, including business, relationships and personal growth, helping people to move forward in their life, release emotional blockages, achieve their goals and understand their journey in a confusing and challenging world.