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‘Usui’ Reiki is a form of alternative healing where Universal Energy is transferred from the therapist to the client in order to give emotional or physical healing. Reiki – pronounced ‘Ray-Key’ can be practised both in person or remotely, balancing a person’s energy system to promote healing and well-being both in the physical and ethereal body. Reiki is a very effective, powerful therapy that can be used in combination with many medical treatments. Reiki is believed to help with pain, lift depression, encourage physical healing, help to break addictions and generally gives a sense of well-being and comfort.


How Rachael Found Reiki…

Following her husband’s passing, Rachael suffered from severe shock. Unable to find release, a close friend treated Rachael with Reiki. When they did so, Rachael felt as though she had literally been put back into her body. Finally able to function and think clearly, she promised herself that when she awoke from her grief she would become a Reiki Master. To this day, Rachael says this is one of the greatest things she has ever done.

‘Usui’ Reiki Treatments

Reiki is given to clients, both remotely and in person, to many different people and in a variety of situations. Unborn babies and their mothers, children suffering with sleep problems or anger, businessmen feeling stressed, teenagers anxious with exams and life in general, even animals adore the energy, wriggling into position and simply walking off when they have had enough. The use of Reiki Healing is infinite.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Rachael uses her intuitive abilities to mentor and give healing to those that need her help.

Reiki Therapy Can Help With:
• Recovery from surgery, illness or injury
• Pain and health management
• Increasing your sense of peace and well-being
• Managing anxiety and stress
• Improving immune function
• Improving quality of sleep
• Maintaining a balanced energy system
• Breaking addictions

Reiki treatment achieves best results with multiple treatments, building up a more positive and permanent state of balance over time we usually recommend starting your therapy with at least five treatments, followed by monthly sessions to maintain positive energy flow.


Psychic Light Readings

Psychic ReadingsLight readings are here to bring guidance and insight into many different situations in life and should be used alongside our own free will and choice. We have been given a fabulous gift of human existence and we should experience it to the full, listening to our own intuition as well as the guidance provided to us by spirit.

Rachael combines all of her psychic gifts and mediumship with Reiki Healing, to provide proof of life after death and predictions from her lovely spirit friends. These beautiful vibrational energies are used to uplift clients over the telephone, via Skype or in person.

People benefit from intuitive psychic light readings for many personal reasons, whether they are looking for a higher perspective on their personal life, guidance in love, or mentoring for a job-related situation. When life can be so confusing at times, readings help to align the soul, heart and head, bringing us the clarity we need to make important decisions in our lives.

As an empathetic clairvoyant, clairaudient and medium, Rachael combines all of her gifts to create healing energy for her clients throughout their readings, helping them to feel calmer, more centred and uplifted.

“When providing a psychic light reading, I feel as though I am passing on a loving hug from spirit and providing a gentle nudge in the right direction. When combined with each persons’ own free will, my psychic readings can be invaluable in providing clarity and a sense of direction and purpose.”

How An Intuitive Light Reading Works

Rachael provides psychic readings using a combination of Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

As a Medium, Psychic Intuitive, clairaudient and clairvoyant, Rachael is able to connect with Spirit but also to clients emphatically, giving detailed in-depth readings with lots of information regarding events unfolding around them at the time and also in the future. By doing this, Rachael can help you to realise your own dreams, hopes and goals, and all the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Combining her gifts, Rachael hopes to help bring comfort and peace of mind, planting seeds of hope to encourage mental and spiritual healing.

“I am not here to fix your life for you, but to help you understand your road to your own recovery.”

How To Arrange Your Own Intuitive Psychic Light Reading?

Psychic Light Readings can be provided to individuals or groups, remotely via Skype or telephone, or in person.

Soirees and parties can be planned for up to 8 people, perfect if you have friends or family members needing a reading or guidance, and fabulous if you are simply looking for party ideas with a difference.

To Arrange Your Psychic Light Reading Please Go To The Bookings Page

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Psychic Readings


The ability of second sight, Clairvoyance can be compared to watching a movie in Imax. Receiving a vision of a person, place or object, images can sometimes be seen as a whole movie or other times just as a picture. Previously, when providing a reading for a client, Rachael was shown the visual of an industrial building with the coordinates of a broken pipe. The following morning, the client called to inform her that the building she owned had been flooded, the leak stemming from a fractured pipe at the coordinates that spirit had provided in her reading the previous day.

Psychic Readings


Clairsentience is the ability to feel, experience and interpret energy in an intuitive way. Rachael senses when something is positive or negative, when change is coming, she feels other people’s and animals’ emotions without explanation.

Psychic Readings


Clairaudience is the ability to psychically hear. When providing a psychic reading, we often hear information in a word form, whether this be a place, a name, or a song, or anything that gives verification of whom we are connected with. Years ago, Rachael’s clairaudience ability saved hers and her family’s life, as a voice shouted for them to stop the car, preventing them from driving off the side of a mountain in Morocco due to a truck blocking the road ahead.

Psychic Readings


Mediumship is the ability to communicate with people whose souls have passed on from their bodies in to the realm of spirit. Spirit may come through to give proof and reassurance that they are safe and happy, or sometimes many spirits come through with lots of information. Every reading is unique.

Psychic Readings

Dealing With Bereavement

At this traumatic time in any person’s life, psychic readings can help individuals cope with bereavement tremendously. From Rachael’s own experience, having the ability to connect with her husband’s spirit provided immense relief, allowing her to feel at peace that her husband’s soul was safe and happy. Knowing this helped Rachael to accept his passing and to slowly awaken from what she describes as the deep sleep of grief. From her own experiences of coping with bereavement, Rachael offers support in coping with loss, available as a one-off session or a series of sessions, tailored to the needs of each individual and their own form of grief. It is important to remember, however, that the counsel of a psychic should not take the place of a health professional if you are struggling. While Rachael can provide comfort and assurance that your loved one is in a better place, you should seek other help if you are still struggling with your loss.

For further support on coping with loss, below are a list of charities that specialise in bereavement that can help you to find peace.

At A Loss – Committed to ensuring those who have suffered a loss find local support.

Child Bereavement UK – Providing support to families when a child dies, or when a child loses someone significant.

Grief Encounter – Supporting bereaved families and children to help cope with the pain of losing a loved one.

Samaritans – Providing confidential support 24 hours a day to people who are in despair or stress.

Saying Goodbye – Information, advice and support to anyone that has suffered the loss of a baby or pregnancy