A Sanctuary of Reiki Healing Energy and Peace

The Healing Room is designed to offer a small window of calmness and healing, restoring your feeling of well-being. Offering an alternative sanctuary to everyday life, The Healing Room is open to everyone.

The Healing room offers the nurturing energy of Reiki, healing your body and mind and restoring calm and clarity to your life. Through The Healing Room, clients can re-energise their mind, body and spirit, at home, in the office or at any location of your choice.

How It Works…

Within The Healing Room, there is a screen image, offering calming and restoring visuals. This screen image is charged with the healing energy of Reiki. Simply click on the screen, enjoy the visuals, listen to the sounds and music played within the room, and let the energy of Reiki pass remotely offering healing for mind, body and spirit.

Disclaimer for healing room

Although The Healing Room carries the healing qualities of Reiki, we do not advise that The Healing Room is used to replace any form of medical or psychological treatment. We also advise those who are light sensitive or living with epilepsy seek medical guidance prior to using the Healing Room. Please take the time to read our Legally binding disclaimer which you will find on the booking page.